About Antonio

Antonio Escobar is a Spanishborn producer, composer, and mixer for albums and music for the film, advertising and game industries. He started his career in the early 90s and, now, has earned an impressive collection ofawards and nominations (Oscars Academy Awards, Cannes, BAFTA, Premios Goya, London International Awards or theNew York Film Festival) and he has participated in awardwinning albums, top chart songs and works that accumulate millions of streams.

As a music mixer, his name can be found in the music credits of dozens of movies (Klaus, Toc Toc, Pets),  TV shows (El Cid, Reyes de la noche, Santiago Of The Seas), hundreds of commercials for big brands (Renault, Peugeot, Ford, Coca-ColaPepsi, Carlsberg, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Mini, Sony PlayStation, Movistar), and songs with artists such as John Legend, Zara Larsson, David Bisbal, Carlos Rivera, Dan Croll, Jorge Pardo or Kalimba, to name a few.

You may have more information about Antonio’s work at the home page.

Frequently Asked Questions

"I like to define my mixing style asemotional andcharacterful, always looking for ways to get the most out of the songwriting and, of course, serving the song. Sound-wise, I like full-spectrum, well balanced, dynamic mixes, with clear vocals and a bigger than life sound.
Through my many years of experience as a music producer, composer and mixing engineer, Ive been lucky enough to work in many genres (Pop, Alternative, Film, Jazz), which makes me a pretty versatile mixer engineer.
Ive been learning directly from superstar mixers Manny Marroquin, Tchad Blake and Javier Garza, but I do also love other mixers' work, such as Serban Ghenea, Chris and Tom Lord Age, or Michael Brauer, to name a few. In the end, my style is based on cherry picking elements from my mixing heroes 🙂 Furthermore, I am a true believer of understanding the artist, continuous communication and references as a good starting point."

The process is pretty straightforward:


The system has Antonio‘s schedule synchronized so you can know when he is available. After a first contact discussing your requirements, references and so on, he will block the day and he will issue the quote to be accepted and paid.

File uploading:

You will receive a Dropbox upload form to upload your tracks to our system. Please read the guidelines about sessions submission below inHow to Prepare Your Session. We will be in contact with you regarding your files if there is any issue.


Antonio usually mixes in two passes, one on the day scheduled and another within two days later. After that, he will submit the mix using the Dropbox review system.

Approval process:

Two revisions are included in the price. We use the review system included in the Dropbox player, that allows you to comment on a specific time. Antonio will follow all your comments to fix the mix. If those changes require your opinion in realtime, we can schedule a streaming and conference session, so you can listen and discuss your corrections in person.

Payment and refunds:

The payment is managed by PayPal, so you can use your PayPal account or a credit card. Things happen, so you will be eligible for a refund if:

  • 100%: if you stop the process prior the file delivery or we cant comply within the expected scheduling.
  • 40%: if you stop the process 3 days or more before the mixing day.


What’s is included:
  • The mixing service, including two revisions, all included (session setup, studio time, etc)
  • Minor tuning, cleaning and time adjustments of your tracks.
  • A set of files with your mix, stems:
    • Your song mixed and mastered, at 32 bits, 48 KHz
    • Your song mixed and mastered, at 16 bits 44 KHz.
    • Your song mix, unmastered, at 32 bits, 48 KHz.
    • An instrumental version at 24 bits, 48 Khz.
    • A TV version (with backing vocals, without the main vocal).
    • A mix stems folder. They use to be up 25 stems, at 32 bits 48 KHz

This is a very important part of the process, so please follow these instructions to get the best for your song:

  1. Include a reference mix. That means your mix, or the mix that everyone loves if you are a band. It always contains very valuable information about what you are looking for, and Antonio will use it as a starting point.
  2. Export each track, group and effect used, always starting from the same bar. You have expended innumerable hours crafting the perfect sound, so please leave active any effect, panning and/or automation used. If you are not sure about a track, you may include a “clean” version.
  3. If you have a particular plugin chain in the master bus that it’s important for your reference mix sound, please provide the plugins names and the used settings, to be able to replicate it in the mixing session. If the chain is based on analog equipment, please be sure that all the stems (but the clean ones) are processed using the same master bus chain.
  4. It’s very important that you include all the necessary tracks to recreate your reference mix. If your DAW has a “normalization” option when exporting (such as Logic Pro Audio does), please DO NOT use it. Please sort your exported tracks in folders (Drums, Vocals, Basses, Guitars, Synths, FX, etc).
  5. Vocals are always a delicate matter. Please always export two different version of the vocals: processed (with effects such as tuning, EQ, compression and distortion BUT no reverb, neither delay) and clean version without any effect at all. Please export reverb and delay in separated tracks.
  6. Provide files in the same format that you have use in your project. I have the best tools to convert them to my preferred format (32 bit float 48 KHz Wave format files). You can send a project with all the tracks if you want in one of the supported DAWs (Apple Logic Pro Audio, Steinberg Cubase and Nuendo, Cockos Reaper, Avid Pro Tools), but we won’t use it unless there is any problem with the source tracks.
  7. Name all the tracks accurately, it will help a lot.
  8. Please include this extra information:
    • BPM and/or a tempo map (MIDI file) if there is any tempo change.
    • Song key.
    • Any reference song, playlist or link.
  9. Use the link provided to upload your tracks.

We do like very much this article from the Sonarworks blog about this issue, this from Audient and this from SoundBetter. Reading all them is recommended.

And, of course, if you have any question, just contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.

"I currently mixing mostly In The Box, like other mixers such as Tchad Blake, Andrew Scheps, Jaycen Joshua and Michael Brauer, meaning that I do not use outboard if it's not necessary (what's not happening to often, to be honest).
I don’t think that you should hire me based on gear list, but, being myself an audio gear nerd, I think this is of list is funny.
Keep in mind that I will use all this gear at my own discretion to the get the most for the tracks."


6,6 m x 3.5 m, with acoustic treatment.


Every set of speakers has been calibrated with Dirac Studio.

  • PMC IB1+Bryston 4B
  • Atmos system based on Amphion One18+Amp100 and Amphion One12+Amp100.
  • 2x SVS SB12-NSD Subwoofer
  • Avantone CLA-10A
  • Sony ICF-DS11iP
  • Yamaha HS50
  • Over a dozen of headphones, featuring Slate Audio VSX, Sennheiser HD-600, Hifiman Edition X, AKG 240DF, calibrated with Sonarworks Reference.


  • NTP DAD AX32 (monitoring)
  • Apogee Rosetta 800 (external effects and synths)
  • 2xBehringer X32 (synths and cues)


All my summing is in the box.



  • Manley Slam!
  • SPL Qure
  • UREI LA-10a
  • JBL 7110
  • Warm Audio-76
  • Korg Stage Echo
  • Hiwatt Custom Echo
  • Waldorf DPole
  • Dozen of stompboxes


Steinberg Nuendo 11 is my DAW of preference, but I own almost any DAW available for Mac.


Thousands of plugin from featuring TC Electronic PowerCore 6000 and Native 6000, Waves (most of them), Soundtoys, Lexicon, Slate Digital, Native Instruments, Softube, Melda (great tools!), Wavesfactory (life savers), etc.

Synth nerd stuff

"It’s not really mixing stuff, but I’ve been collecting a fairly large number of analog and digital synths since the mid 90s and, in fact, I do love the late the raw sound of seventies analog synths"

Antonio’s big synth collection includes pieces from Alesis (Andromeda), Korg (MS20, M500, X5D, Electribe R, Electribe S), Yamaha (Reface CS, TX7, CS5), Roland (MKS-50, JV-2080), Clavia (MicroModular, Nord Lead 2), Waldorf (Pulse Plus, microWave), Novation (BassStation, SuperNova II) or a growing Eurorack modular collection.

"Revisions are the key part of the mixing procedure, where the final adjustments are done. I’m a true believer of dealing with every project according to its needs."

The typical revision procedure goes like this:

  1. You will receive a link to Dropbox where your mix is stored. Then you can take your time to listen to the mix and compile your notes for the revision. With Dropbox you can add comments to the song at the very precise second that you want. You can read more about that here.
  2. Antonio will schedule a slot in his agenda to complete the revisions and, if it’s necessary,  we may arrange an online meeting with you where  Antonio would deliver a real time high quality stream of the mix directly from his studio. You will be able to hear the final mix and you may ask for any further change or adjustment. That online revision slot uses to be between 30 minutes to a hour long.
  3. After your approval, you will receive the mix, a playback version and all the mix stems.

Mastering is the final stage after a mix. Sometimes it’s done by an external mastering engineer or it can be done by the mixer.

Every mix that Antonio crafts is “radio ready”, meaning that it’s already mastered and ready to be uploaded to any platform (Spotify, Itunes, Youtube, etc). Furthermore, if you prefer a specialized extra ear to improve this process, Antonio can provide a short list of his favorite mastering engineers.

Book a mixing session with Antonio

This system will help you to schedule the available services according to your needs and the slots available. Please, keep in mind that the meeting request will pass a review process.

Antonio also offers another services such as film music mixing, album mixing, production, mastering, composition or Atmos mixing. If you need more information about any service or if you don’t find a suitable date for your work, please use the contact form.