Alex's Strip (2020)

Directed by Irene Zoe Alameda.
Music by Antonio Escobar.

A teenager is reunited with her father, a Spanish-Maghrebi merchant who has spent a long time in jail accused of Jihadism by mistake. She accompanies him on a business trip to Jaisalmer (India), where they are involved in a terrorist plot.

About The Composer

Antonio Escobar is a Spanish-born producer, composer, and engineer for albums and music for the film and advertising industries. He started his career in the early 90’s and, now, more than 25 years later, Antonio has earned an impressive collection of awards and nominations from international festivals such as Oscar’s Academy, BAFTA, Cannes, Premios Goya, El Sol Festival, London International Awards, and the New York Film Festival.
His name can be found in the music credits of dozen of movies and TV Shows, such as Netflix’s Klaus, Toc Toc, El Cid, Reyes de la noche or Santiago Of The Seas, to name a few.

About The Soundtrack

Antonio Escobar reflects with his music the world seen through Alex’s eyes: with curiosity, innocence and at the same time astonishment, combining minimalist and ethnic gestures with emotional melodies, subtly integrating the orchestra with electronic music. The soundtrack won Las Vegas Movie Awards prize.

Music credits:

Produced and mixed by Antonio Escobar
Additional music by Juanjo Martín and Alberto Pinzón